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Laughlin Avi Casino KOA

10000 Aha Macav Parkway
Laughlin, NV 89028
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2 Reviews
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Stayed for 3 nights (Fri/Sat/Sun) at the Avi KOA in Laughlin, NV. Although they give you access to the pool and beach at the hotel across the street (which are 1st class amenities) my wife and I will never stay there again. Side by side parking on sand. Utility hookups completely encroaching into my space. With slides out on both sides of the trailer I'm on the street side line with about 12" to spare on the curbside. Can't put an awning out. Dirt roads and 5mph speed limit, but nobody follows it - not even security. Heck - they were even riding quads through the CG. Sunday night they have fireworks at the resort to get everyone all worked up. Sell them at the C-store on property too. Signs all over saying not to light up in the RV park. But after the big show it might as well have been the 4th of July right in the middle of all the RVs. Clock ticks past quiet time and security is patrolling but do NOTHING. DW and I decide at 10:30 it is time to pack up and leave before a bottle rocket burns a hole in the roof. This was my first time at a KOA. Paid $40 per night. I don't think we will ever be back to another one either.

Received from Neil S for visit in May 2006

Site Number:809
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This RV Park is now a KOA. This park is quite aways from all the other casinos in Laughlin. It is at least a 15 to 20 minute drive. The roads in the park are gravel and the sites are dirt. Sites are good sized and level. You are entitled to all the amenities of the hotel/casino with your RV site. They have one of the nicest beaches of all the casinos. The things I donít like about this park are the disregards of the rules. The speed limit in the park is 5 mph however I think I was the only one doing it. Even the park staff races through at lease 25 mph. With the gravel roads this not only kicks up a lot of dust but also makes it very dangerous. If a child runs out from behind a motorhome, by the time a car stops skidding on the gravel the child will be completely run over. The laundry had 6 out of 10 machines out of order. About the only people I saw using it was the boon dockers in the area. The boon dockers also come in regularly and fill their water tanks. I havenít seen any of them dump, I suspect they charge for that. They have an ice machine with a sign that says not to fill ice chests, however I saw several of the book dockers doing just that. One came in and filled 2 trash bags full. I suspect he emptied the ice machine. The water they use for their trees must be reclaimed because it smells like sewage when the irrigation kicks on. The site hookups are side by side so you share 1 sewer with a Y attached. As I was dumping I saw my neighbors sewer hose shaking. I donít know if it was my sewer backing up into his tank or if it was shaking from the air pressure, either case it probably didnít smell too good in his RV. You also share 1 water line with 2 hose bibs attached. These have no backflow restrictors so you are also sharing your neighbors plumbing with yours. Next time I will be checking out some of the parks closer to the casinos in Laughlin.


Received from Dan for visit in May 2006

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