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Blueberry Hill RV Park

PO Box 219
Port Republic, NJ 08241
5 Reviews
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Camped here last year after the change again of management. The managers/old owners of campground are depressing to talk to. Tired of hearing how they dont want to run the campground that is why they sold...(I wouldnt do anything that I didnt want to do, so why are they?) Supposedly last year they were not coming back this year. Also, they still have the woman that is long overdue on getting out of running activities with her husband there. I was not too happy when she decided to yell at my 4 year old granddaughter. She has no patience and should not be around kids. Although campground was overall clean there was 2 times that the bathroom went several hours without being cleaned of the mud on the floors and no toilet tissue in 3 stalls. If the managers dont want to be there, why would anyone else? Wont go back again.

Received from Andrea for visit in Mar 2008

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO
We had a good time in Hershey, PA, especially at the Amusement Park. It's nice that the campground provides free transportation to the Amusement Park. Yet sleeping in the campground is virtually impossible! There are train tracks bordering the property & trains run all through the night & are very noisy. I think they are more frequent during the night than the day. Also, the buses drive through the campground to turn around. Planes fly very low during the night & you can hear all the generators from the RV's at the top of the hill. I stayed in the Crestview area. People on the other side of the campground said it was noisy also. I couldn't sleep at all the first two nights. By the 3rd night - I decided to go to the store & get Tylenol P.M. just to knock me out to get some sleep. It worked!

Received from Anon for visit in May 2007

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
Under new manangement again. Everything was super, upgrades were being done, very family friendly, had new people doing crafts and activities for the kids, Mike and Sue were great. At the end of August new managers were brought in they have no clue in how to run the campground, employees are no longer happy, they brought back the older women for crafts and activities needless to say that was a mistake, she spends more time yelling at the kids then having any fun. Morgan Corp need to wake up before the new managers run this campground into the ground.

Received from Anon for visit in Sep 2006

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO
Have been going to this campground off and on for 15 years.Has not changed much since last vist 2 yrs ago with new owners. Roads still need upgrading but new owners seem to be getting the public relations part better and all were friendly on our visit. Pool/ playground area still nice. The grassy E section were large enough and have water 50 amp and a small garden hose size ground drain for gray water that has been improved from last visit.With all the rain the area had the days before there were some sites with water pools but were gone by the next day as the snady soil drains well. Bob the old owner was seen thoughout the weekend we were there taking care of the pool area. All of the campers were frendly though some of the "seasonals" in the back are a little clickish.

Received from NJ D for visit in Jul 2006

Site Number: E14
Stay Again? YES
New management - lots of confusion. Pool wasn't open for posted hours (very, very hot while we were there). Electrical 'brown outs' and even loss of electricity in our section of the campground. Some said the problem was because it was so hot and so many AC's were being used. Some of the seasonals we talked to however said it happened too often and that they weren't coming back for the next season. The sites in the field area where we were are large enough for big rigs, all pull thrus. There were sites in the wooded area that would be tough to get to with a big rig. Satellite TV is a joke - only around 18 channels, and not all of them work all the time. A great pool, but again, not open when it was supposed to be. Really nice playground for the kids. Good food in the cafe on site but the people working the desk often seemed either confused or unconcerned. Too far from Atlantic City for taxi service and the campground shuttle service no longer exists. The campers were friendly - wish we could say the same about the staff. They just weren't happy! This could be a teriffic campground if it was run right.

Received from Pam H for visit in Aug 2005

Site Number: E12
Stay Again? NO

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