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Wanna Bee Campground

E10096 Trout RD
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
4 Reviews
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I DO NOT recommend this campground. The owners are rude and don’t care about their guests. The restrooms are filthy even though they have a male worker supposedly cleaning and filling supplies as he sees fit. Even to the point of entering the ladies room while women are showering and young children are going to the bathroom in the middle of the night! All without having any supplies in hand or finding anything that was done when he leaves. They also have a small dog that is left loose anywhere on the property that they will tell you not to pet because it may bite small children. Seriously… no joke! Let’s not discuss the fact that they let their workers get completely drunk on the property. Find another campground. One you can feel safe and respected at. This is NOT it. Keep in mind my family has camped at this campground on and off for 30+ years. We’ve seen many owners come and go (the most recent ones have owned it since 2012). We will not be back unless they have new owners and new workers!

Received from Kari for visit in Jul 2013

Site Number:102
Stay Again? NO
We checked in and drove to our secluded basic campsite. The main problem was that the people who paid for the RV sites run the campground. They yelled at us to be quiet and the management - live in a trailer by the OFFICE told us that other campers were getting upset. Really! It was me and my wife. How LOUD could we have been?

Received from Bob Smith for visit in Aug 2011

Site Number:68
Stay Again? NO
This is by far the ABSOLUTE WORST!!!!!!! campground I have ever stayed at!!! for starters they over booked the site, secondly the bathrooms were disgusting, I was not taking a shower in them, toilet tissue all over the floor and no paper toweling in the evening. On the info guide given to us at check in it stated that ABSOLUTE QUIET is at 10:30, yeah right what a joke!!!!!! After my 3rd call to the office at 11:40 and being very upset about the bess thumping music, I informed the gentleman that it stated the Absolute quiet and I was informed that it was a campground and there is no absolute quiet and it didnt say that, being irritated I offered to show him and he declined, I told the gentleman that if it wasnt so late and that I had 3 young children I would have packed up at 11:40 pm and left. For being a so called family campground their hospitality SUCKS!!!!!!!! I can see now why it is called "WANNABEE" because it will NEVER BEEE a real campground!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Received from NIKI for visit in Sep 2011

Site Number:77
Stay Again? NO
This campground is a little off the beaten path, but that's the best part. We stayed in a tent in the primative sites and were the only ones around. The tent sites are separated from the RV sites, and we felt like we had our own campground. We didn't try the pool, but the bathrooms were nice and clean, and the staff was very accomodating. The price was right, too. Will stay at again!

Received from Alan L for visit in Jul 2005

Site Number: None
Stay Again? YES

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