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Dells TimberLand

P.O. Box 72
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
4 Reviews
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If you want a seasonal campsite, this is the cheapest in town. Quick 4 minute drive to the dells. Very shady sites. Narrow gravel roads with potholes. The 'heated' pool is about 60 degrees even in August. Mosquito heaven. Nice laundary facilities/arcade. Nice and quiet except for the train and the speedway next door on the weekends. Hayrides and mini golf are lame compared to Yogi Bear's. If you have a nice RV--beware of ruining your water heater because of RUST. I had blonde hair when I arrived, it is now orange from showering with the rust water. Gated entry which requires a card to get in the park which is a nice security feature. They also employ a security guard on weekends to walk the park which is also nice. If you plan on using their wifi, you have to go to the office every 3 hours for a new password. They work hard at maintaining the grounds, and planning activities for the kids.

Received from Candace B for visit in Jun 2008

Site Number: 3
Stay Again? YES
TimberLand has a lot to offer including LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of Asian Gyspy Moth CATERPILLARS....YES, YES, YES. My family and I was impressed with what we saw on the internet. There was sixteen people in our party, we arrived at TimberLand Resort about 8:15 p.m. on Friday May 29th. just as the sun was bowing it's head, to start our Memorial Weekend. We unhooked our travel trailer, pop-up and motor home, enjoyed a cold beer and the warmth of the fire. The next morning we awoke to HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of UGLY CATERPILLARS EVERYWHERE. They were falling from the trees, standing up in the grass, the place was just covered with them. The owner gave a lame excuse that he was on top of the problem. The infestation was so bad at TimberLand a lot of the trees are dead. The CATERPILLAR nest are in the trees, the nest look like large webbed sacks hanging in the Dead trees, we never saw anything like it before in our lives. We ended our Memorial weekend camping trip early due to the caterpillar infestation. We will never go back.

Received from Anon for visit in May 2006

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO
I think it would be appropriate for the Dells Timberland Campground to inform their campers of the stock car race track right next to it and the fact that the noise from it will be quite trying until 10:30 at night on Friday and Saturday, and that immediately following the races, there is a concert of sorts that goes on until midnight. My family, four brothers and their families, my three daughters and their families, decided to meet there in a central location so that we could get together with my brother who had just returned from Iraq. One brother, sister-in-law and nephews and niece came up for a couple of hours visit at 4:00 in the afternoon. They were not staying the night - just coming to spend two hours tops with us. They couldn't stay because it would cost them $15 to hang out at our campsite and they weren't willing to pay that fee. So we were able to spend about 20 minutes with them before they were informed of this and left. No, I would never go back to the Dells Timberland campground. We've been to many campgrounds across this Country and usually (and this has only happened twice now) we do not go back to campgrounds who seem to have people running them that do not know how to run a campground. Very disappointing experience and definitely not a quiet campground.

Received from Greg for visit in Sep 2004

Site Number: None
Stay Again? NO
Our experience was a very pleasant one. We stayed at Timberland for 8 nights, in a tent, at site 62 or 63, and it was very spacious... large site... The staff was very curtious and friendly to us and our children. Their was plenty for the children to do, and we got to kick back and relax at our site when we didn't go into the Dells. Stockcar racing is only on Friday and Saturday nights, and everybody in the campground went to watch it, and it didn't bother us in the least. You hear trains often, but what is to expect in that location, and we were enjoying ourselves so much, that it didn't bother us at all. I definately give this place a thumbs up, and recommend it to everyone to take their family to enjoy a vacation, Hats off to The Timberland staff, and to the facility. It is a beautiful place to stay.

Received from Alan L for visit in Aug 2003

Site Number: 62
Stay Again? YES

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