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Door County Camping Retreat

4906 Court Rd.
Egg Harbor, WI 54209
7 Reviews
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If you like to be harassed and feel totally unwelcome, this is the place for you! The staff is very rude. The pool is freezing and there is not much for the kids to do. It was very obvious we were not wanted there. We were warned on the first day that if we broke any of the rules we would be kicked out, how rude is that! The owner must be independently wealthy because he has no interest in keeping his customers happy. The campground was only about half full if that and now I see why. Me and my husbands family do a lot of camping and we have never had such a horrible experience.

Received from Alison for visit in Aug 2013

Site Number:31
Stay Again? NO
I am a seasonal camper here at DCCR. I have been a seasonal here since July of 2008. Before coming here for the 4th of july weekend. I visited many other campgrounds thoughout the State, and was so pleased with this campground and the attention the owners give to making the camping experience pleasurable for all campers, I stayed. The bathrooms are nicer and cleaner then those of most hotels I have stayed at let alone the other campgrounds that were scary.

Received from Bill for visit in Oct 2011

Site Number:
Stay Again? YES
Management was so rude, even intrusive. They are "gestapo like" as stated in another review. I was rudely reprimanded by the owner because I had walked over to the cabin my mother was staying in on our trip and went inside to sit and talk with her. The owner came in and told me that only those registered to the cabin could be in it. He added I was not allowed to use the bathroom or kitchen. Ridiculous as I had my own in my RV a few sites down. He also refused to let us have a fire unless we bought his wood which was a very small bundle for a higher price than others we saw along the highway. The rudeness didn't end there. We will not go back.

Received from Sue for visit in Jul 2009

Site Number:21
Stay Again? NO
This is without a doubt, the best campground I have ever stayed at. Our site easily held our 43' motorhome with the awning out. Facilities are very well kept, and the grounds are extremely quiet for a very alrge campground. Very helpful even moved our tow dolly to storage area for us!

Received from Jim for visit in Jan 2008

Site Number: 336
Stay Again? YES
We have camped at this campround for several years. We never had a problem. Suddenly this year, the campground has a gestapo-like patrol that did nothing but harrass us. We will not be returning. I go camping to get away from the crap not get more of it.

Received from Jon for visit in Jul 2006

Site Number:None
Stay Again? NO
the facilities are nice. in fact, for many years we stayed there each summer. the new owner, however, refused to enforce the rules he had made concerning conduct in the campground. i would be willing to try it again but my wife says 'absolutely not', and she's the tolerant one. anyway the campground was full and our 'neighbors' had way too many people on their site. they didn't observe the quiet hours on either end and continually displayed rude and annoying behaviors..... i could go on and on. but the jist of it is that the owner would not do anything to solve the problem other than talking to them. they took it out on us by accelerating their bad behavior to which the owner only threw up his hands and said he can't/won't do anything about it. well, he lost several good and faithful customers for a group no campground would want. we were given a day's credit on each site (no refund as we had demanded). the credits will never be used.

Received from David E for visit in Sep 2005

Site Number: 30
Stay Again? NO
Very wooded campground, with many private treed sites. Make sure you check our their website before you reserve, it has a good campground map with pictures of most of the campsites. Large playground and pool were great for the kids.

Received from Carol O for visit in June 2005

Site Number: 22
Stay Again? YES

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